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Come · Call · Kate!

adventures on the phone

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Call me and find out what sorts of naughty things I've been up to in my absence!  I've missed you all!
xxx, kate
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*laugh* This is what the automated Resolution thingy gave me!

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Take pictures in the locker room.

Get your resolution here

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So I've been working lately on updating the websites, and tweaking things to be the way I like them.
You should check them out, and let me know how nice they are.
I also changed the look of my journal, do you like it?

My roommate is out of town for the next SIX days! I'm so excited to have the place to myself.
I can play on the phone all I want! *wink wink*

I've been having these naughty dreams lately, all sorts!
I had a dream last night that a girl snuck in through my window in the night,
and while I slept, she started playing with me, teasing my nipples, sliding my panties down.
I wasn't physically restrained, but in dream-like fashion, I couldn't move at all, I was completely paralyzed.
When I woke up, my little pink cotton panties were soaked! *giggle*

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It seems like the only time I update on here is when I'm on break from school. I'll try to get better about that, and write more often.
It's winter break now, and I'm looking forward to spending it on the phone! *wink*
I'll be going home for Christmas from the 23rd through the 1st, but I'll be around quite a bit before I go!
*giggle* I've been really horny, home alone. My roommate is out of town until school starts again!
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Oh my god, it's been so long! I haven't updated in Forever!!!
It's the end of Thanksgiving break, and I've missed phone sex SOOOOO much this quarter!
I have the worst roommate ever, and she won't let me do it, even when she's not home.
I tried to be good for so long, but now it's Thanksgiving break, and I just had to do it!
It'll be hard when she gets back tomorrow, but I think that I'll try to be available on the days she works, which is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights. I hope it works out! I love cumming on the phone over and over, it makes me feel so sexy, and gives me really great ideas to try out, like not wearing panties to class! *giggle*
Hopefully I get a lot of calls, so I can cum a lot!
xxx, kate
* * *
Next week is spring break, and I can't wait!!!
I'm really excited to have some time off from school.
I'll still be available for calls until Tuesday, but I'll be gone from Tuesday until Friday.
So call me before then!!!
xxx, kate
* * *
I love my job so much!
A few different callers got me valentine's gifts this year, and I loved them all.
You guys will definitely be rewarded! *wink*
I love presents! They make me feel special.
Right now I'm supposed to be working on homework, but I hate doing it on a Saturday.
Luckily guys keep calling and interrupting me, I love getting the study breaks!
Especially when I get to cum over and over! *giggle*
By the way, I'm wearing a little white tanktop, no bra, a short denim skirt, and little baby-blue cotton thong panties.
I'm excited for my next call!
* * *
Hey all!
I'm back in town, and can't wait to get back to taking calls!
School has been really crazy, but it's better now, I love college so much these days.
I'm taking really fun classes, like yoga and photography.
Also, I made a new website, the address is http://www.cumgetnasty.com
the old one is http://www.cumgetnaughty.com check them both out, and tell me what you think.
* * *
I'm headed out of town for a few days, so I won't be available for calls.
I'm going to LA for a photo shoot!
I'm really excited.
So I'll be back soon, and I'll be really horny!
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